Cycling Accident Claims

At Graham Evans and Partners we have a team of lawyers who are keen cyclists and use their practical knowledge to apply the law to cycling accidents. All of us believe cyclists have the right to be safe on the roads.

Cycling accident claims can be complex and we know first-hand how easily accidents can occur, how important it is to get back to your pre accident quality of life and of course back on that bike.

Cyclists are more likely to be killed or seriously injured than those involved in a motor vehicle crash, and yet many cycling accidents go unreported. It seems that whilst the onus is on vehicles to exercise care on roads, when a cycling accident occurs the cyclist often feels or is considered partly to blame.

Whether you are cycling for fun, commuting to work or competing in a race, if you’ve been injured in a cycling accident that wasn't your fault, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Cyclists can sustain substantial injuries as a result of an accident and suffer long term physical and financial hardship. Even relatively minor injuries can have a significant effect on your daily routine.

Our team has experience of dealing with claims caused by motorists, buses, potholes, other cyclists as well as road defects, and from damage to a bike, minor personal injuries to serious life changing head injuries.

Whatever the scenario, our priority is to get you back on your repaired or new bike as soon as your injuries allow.  We work on a no win, no fee basis and will help with any rehabilitation or equipment replacement issues.

Our specialist team is led by Craig Jenkins, a keen cyclist who is no stranger to the occasional accident. As a firm, we sponsor and take part in the annual Carten100 bike challenge, more details of which can be found out here.

Why make an accident claim?

Accidents often result in injuries or damage of some kind. Getting you back to fitness and in the saddle is our priority. Making a claim is a reasonable and straightforward process that is often expected by the party at fault, for which they are likely to be insured.

Can I claim for my cycling accident?

When a proportion of fault lies with someone else, the law entitles you to be compensated for the loss or injury you suffer. Cyclists often don’t realise we can still help even if you don’t have details of the driver or vehicle involved. Even accidents categorised as hit and runs can still be pursued via national schemes.


If a pothole on the road caused the accident, take a photo of it ideally with a recognisable object alongside to illustrate its size. Also take some pictures of the area so we can identify where the pothole is located. Evidence from witnesses about the accident or general state of the road is also useful as it helps to prove the pothole should have been repaired.

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident all parties should stop and give you their details. The vehicle registration number is particularly helpful and will help support the claim. However the more information you can provide the better and this includes photographs.

Hit and run or no driver details

Unfortunately not every driver stops following an accident. However you can still claim from the Motor Insurers Bureau which is an organisation set up to provide compensation when such situations arise. Tell us what you do know and we will proceed from there.


If you’ve been injured, we access and use your medical records to support a claim for compensation. We work with medical experts to fully assess the nature of your injury and make arrangements for medicals and can organise physiotherapy or other specialist rehabilitation where needed.

What can I claim for?

It isn’t just damage to your bike or a personal injury that we can claim for, if you had time off work, missed a holiday, or needed a taxi as a result of the accident, we consider all associated costs.

It is the defendant’s obligation to compensate sufficiently financially to put you back where you would have been were it not for the accident. We often claim for loss of bikes and equipment, loss of earnings, and unfortunately in some cases much worse. We ensure you’ll get adequate bike repairs/replacement if required as part of your claim and we are well aware how expensive equipment and bike accessories can be.

No win No Fee accident claims

We look to recover fees from the other party involved so there is seldom any financial outlay on your part.

If you have existing legal cover you will be covered for any liability associated in bringing a claim. We can check this for you if you are unsure and guarantee you will not be disadvantaged in using our services compared to using a firm provided by your insurers.

If you don’t have cover in place, we can still act for you. We can arrange cover if necessary and would recoup our fees as a percentage of the compensation you receive.  This means no outlay for you and you can be assured we will work hard on your behalf to maximise your claim in order to bring the best possible result.

We guarantee you receive at least 75% of your compensation, the precise amount is determined by the work required on your file. On high value or significant injury cases where compensation will be considerably higher, the percentage we retain can therefore be lower meaning you retain more of your compensation.

Personal injury partner Craig Jenkins knows only too well what it is like to be involved in a cycling accident:

“I sustained injuries to my wrist and elbow. Being a specialist Lawyer I knew where to go to get assistance, treatment and rehabilitation. Compensation for injuries and my bike were secondary as getting back to full fitness was my primary goal as it is for many clients”.