Types of discrimination

If you are concerned about your treatment at work and would like advice about whether it amounts to race, sex, maternity, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age related discrimination, we can help.

Age discrimination

This legislation outlaws any treatment which is less favourable on the grounds of age - and this applies not only to prevent older employees from being discriminated against, but younger employees as well.

Dismissal of an older worker who is perceived to be 'past it', or rejecting a younger applicant on the assumption that they lack experience, is no longer permitted. Compensation is unlimited, so tribunals can make awards based on the actual loss, as consequence of discrimination.

There is now a special retirement procedure which must be followed in all cases, all employees are entitled to seek to work beyond the age of 65, should they wish to. Mandatory retirement before 65 has to be justified.

Sex discrimination

Discrimination on the grounds of sex is rendered unlawful by the Sex Discrimination Act 1975. We understand the sensitive nature of this type of case and work discreetly with you, keeping you fully informed every step of the way. We also have significant experience in maternity related matters.