Employment Disputes

Where employment disputes within the workplace lead to dismissal, we aim to provide advice in how best to deal with an employment claim. We are on here to provide ‘no obligation’ advice on a dispute that may arise at work and will provide advice on options available to you at the outset.

The best method of funding a claim is always central in our thoughts as we have a duty to advise on the most cost effective way to pursue a case. This is even more relevant for employees who have recently been dismissed.

Our advice is often to first check whether you have the benefit of legal expense insurance to cover employment advice.

Advice on a Settlement Agreement

An employer has to fund advice on the effect of entering into such an agreement in order for it to be valid. The employer therefore agrees to pay a contribution towards the costs of such advice. Typically, the amount of the costs contribution is between £250 and £500 which is usually sufficient to cover the initial advice on the effect of the settlement agreement.

To effectively provide free advice to the employee, we aim to cap our fee’s at the amount allowed by the employer in order to give our clients confidence that there is no cost to them in having us advise on the agreement.

If you have no wish to revisit the agreement, such as a voluntary redundancy situation, then our fees will be capped at the amount the employer has agreed to pay.

Additional costs on a settlement agreement:

Usually the terms of the settlement agreement are as a result of an agreement between the parties and often employees just want a solicitor verify advice has been given.

However in order to best do that we often need the background behind how you arrived at the agreement, to appropriately advise you on how the terms of the agreement effect you going forward.

Also and In particular we would need to enquire whether you have the basis of a claim in order to advise on how entering the agreement would affect your ability to bring a tribunal claim. Following exploring these aspects you may wish to challenge the dismissal or revisit the settlement figure. We can discuss the funding of these steps with you at this time should it be relevant.

We can often provide the advice you require quickly by reviewing the settlement agreement via email and subsequently discussing over the telephone. For a without obligation initial discussion please contact Craig Jenkins on 01792 655822 or email craigjenkins@geplegal.co.uk.