Head Injuries Claims Solicitors

Suffering from the consequences of a debilitating head injury can be life changing, and certainly not something anyone can prepare for. Whether it happened abroad, on the road or in the workplace, the implications of this kind of accident can be far reaching for the victim and their family. In cases where the effects are long lasting, on-going medical treatment, care and support, as well as potential adaptations to the home will be necessary. Needless to say, there will be a dramatic impact on your finances. Sadly, state benefits for situations such as these are extremely limited. This is where proper financial compensation can make a real difference, promoting a better quality of life and a sense of tangible security for the future. If you have reason to believe you or a loved one’s head injury could have been prevented and wish to claim damages against the responsible party, our specialist head injury claims solicitors will help you build a strong case to secure the right outcome.

How can making a head injury claim help?

By making a head injury claim, you could potentially secure the funds necessary for the best possible treatment and rehabilitation. Regardless of your financial circumstances, compensation for a head injury can make a significant difference by removing the stress of costs, allowing you to focus on rest and recovery.

At Graham Evans & Partners, we’re here to provide dedicated support for you and your family through this challenging time. When you instruct one of our specialist head injury claims solicitors, our first step will be to devise a bespoke plan for your treatment and rehabilitation, whilst arranging early compensation payments to cover the initial costs of care and equipment.

If your claim is successful, the compensation you receive could help to pay for:

  • Private, dedicated treatment
  • On-going assistance
  • Counselling, occupational therapy and physiotherapy
  • Home adaptations
  • Transportation requirements
  • Loss of past and future earnings
How can I make a head injury claim for compensation?

If you or a loved one has suffered a head or brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, your first move should be to seek specialist legal advice from an expert head injury claims solicitor. This will allow you to gain an understanding of your legal position from an early stage, and provide us with the information we need to begin building your individual claim. Upon our first assessment, we will give you a rough estimate of how much compensation you are due along with the kind of timescale involved in the process.

From here, we will begin constructing your claim by gathering as much evidence to support it as possible. This will involve your medical records along with any notes from your Doctor, witness statements from anyone present during the accident, photographs of any damage to your property and any other evidence that will be relevant in backing up your claim.

Once it’s ready, our head injury claim solicitors will submit the evidence-based claim along with a request for compensation to the liable party. At this stage, the person or people responsible for the injury will have the chance to either accept liability and pay the agreed sum, accept liability but negotiate the amount or deny liability completely. Should your claim be met by anything other than complete acceptance, you can rely on our team to protect your interests through skilful negotiation, ensuring the outcome accurately reflects your requirements.

Why choose Graham Evans & Partners for head injury claims?

At Graham Evans & Partners, we understand the devastating impact a head injury can have on the victim and their family. While we cannot undo the damage caused by the injury, our solicitors can help to alleviate some of its’ consequences. With vast experience in the field of serious injury law, you can rest assured that our head injury solicitors have the expertise necessary to advise and assist you throughout the entire claiming process.

As the issues surrounding any claim are so complex, it is important to take advice as soon as possible after an injury of this nature. However, it’s also essential to choose the right solicitor, as their level of skill and determination will play a role in the success of your claim and how much compensation you will secure. As well as our excellent technical knowledge, our reputation is built from going above and beyond for our clients, prioritising your health and wellbeing from day one. As corporate members of Headway, the Head Injury Charity, and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers we have access to a host of resources that could be beneficial to your rehabilitation following the incident.

Due to the nature of head injuries, our team always aim to be as flexible as possible, visiting our clients in their homes, in hospital or respite care if needed. Your first consultation will be free with no obligation to proceed, but should you choose to advance your claim, we can offer a no win, no fee or “conditional” agreement to ease the process.