Catastrophic Injuries Claims

Catastrophic injuries are damage to the brain or spinal cord and are, as the name suggests, injuries of the utmost severity. Where the spinal cord is injured, there may be paralysis (paraplegia or tetraplegia), and where the brain is injured, there may be damage affecting speech, mobility, understanding and many other functions that most of us take for granted.

We will help to provide the injured person and their family with support and will address rehabilitation and welfare issues as early as possible. In cases involving serious injuries we can arrange for a family member to act on the injured person's behalf through the Court of Protection.

Such claims are inevitably complex and awards of damages can be significant, not least because the injured person may require care for the rest of his or her life. We recognise that money cannot always fully compensate for the injury but it can help people to cope with the consequences, by providing funds for carers or necessary changes to living arrangements.

Because of the complexity surrounding the issues, it is important to have a specialist solicitor from the outset to assist with the claim, in order to maximise your chances of success. We have expertise and experience of handling complex catastrophic  and brain injury claims, and have recovered considerable sums for our clients. We are a corporate member of Headway Brain Injury Charity.