Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) / No Win - No Fee

We will offer you a free appointment at the outset to enable us to assess the strength of your potential claim and if, in our opinion, you have a good case we may offer to represent you using a no win-no fee arrangement. This is an agreement where we act for you on the basis that we do not get paid if your claim is unsuccessful. To balance that risk, we may charge a bonus success fee if the claim does succeed in addition to any basic costs that may be recovered from the defendant.

Before the event, insurance cover may already exist. You may have taken out legal expense insurance as part of an existing policy such as that covering your household contents or building cover. Similar policies exist with motor insurance and vehicle recovery organisations. An insurance company might seek to insist that you use their choice of Solicitors rather than your own but you do not have to accept this and we believe that face to face contact with your legal representative provides you with reassurance to which you are entitled.

In any event, we will advise you of your best option free of charge.  So bring your policies to us and we will review them with you.