Motorcycle Accidents - Pillion Passengers

Where a pillion passenger is injured due to a careless or negligent mistake made by the driver, then they can usually recover compensation from that driver's insurers. Occasionally there is a delay if the driver is disputing responsibility for the accident with a third party. Such a dispute can arise with another road user (usually a car) or with a Highway Authority (due to the dangerous road surface).

Such disputes can place a pillion passenger in an awkward position, particularly where they believe their own driver was partly to blame and so this is why it is often important for a pillion passenger to be represented separately. We negotiate to get your claim dealt with separately to the liability action to secure an early settlement to your innocent claim. If the driver is a friend or relative and they are responsible for your injury, whether entirely or partly, then your compensation will be paid by the insurers; not the driver. Any settlement will be made without prejudice to the driver's case against any third party and it has no adverse consequences to the driver.

Although it is illegal for a motorcyclist with a provisional licence to carry a pillion passenger, it is still possible to recover compensation from the motorcyclist's insurers and legal advice should be sought immediately.

We are able to arrange for our clients to receive expert treatment to help the road to recovery, as well as obtaining the motorcyclist compensation for their injuries and financial losses that arise as a result of the accident.