Your Insurance

Your insurance company might seek to insist that you use their choice of Solicitors rather than your own but you do not have to accept this and we believe that face to face contact with your legal representative provides you with reassurance to which you are entitled. We also provide the same level of protection.

Remember the choice of Solicitor is yours....... Don't be bullied by your insurer

If you make a claim for repairs to your car from your own insurance company under a fully-comprehensive policy then you will (temporarily) lose your no-claims bonus or "life" (if protected no claims). If and when your insurance company recover the money from the other insurance company your bonus/life should be reinstated. However, if your insurance renewal comes up before the claim is settled you may have to pay a higher premium at that time although it should be refunded later. The system is related to whether or not you make a claim that costs your insurance company money, not whether it is your fault.