Children and Divorce Solicitors

When parents separate, there are usually issues to be resolved around when children should see both parents. Initially, there is often difficulty between parents in reaching an agreement: after all, this is one of the most critical decisions a family can make. That’s why at Graham Evans & Partners, our child law solicitors try to encourage parents to concentrate on the practical, keeping in mind the best interests of the child. No matter how complex your circumstances, our priority will be to ensure a safe and comfortable future is available for your child despite the breakdown in your relationship.

Why choose Graham Evans & Partners’ child law solicitors?

When children are at the centre of separation, it’s easy for discussions between parents to escalate into emotionally charged disputes. As a result, children suffer from the sudden change to family life and the constant conflict going on around them. Gaining advice from a specialist child law solicitor from an early stage is essential in minimising the fallout caused by separation and securing a stable future for your child as quickly as possible.

At Graham Evans & Partners, we understand how difficult it can be to reach an agreement on such an important matter. Teaming sensitivity with determination, our child law solicitors will always aim to resolve matters concerning child residence and contact through alternative dispute resolution to save on the costs and time associated with Court. This approach will give parents the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings in a calm environment and potentially salvage a working relationship. There is tremendous upheaval in children's lives caused by separation and divorce and we try to help parents deal with the matter sympathetically and positively for the benefit of the children.

Accredited by the Law Society for our expertise within children law as well as family law on a whole, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by a qualified specialist with the vast experience necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for your child.

How can our child law solicitors help you?

Our family law team are dedicated in giving children the best possible start in life, regardless of the challenging circumstances that surround them. We regularly advise our clients across a range of issues, including:

  • Court Orders
  • Care Proceedings
  • Adoption

Child Law FAQs

What is parental responsibility?

The term ‘parental responsibility’ is used to describe the legal rights and responsibilities you have as a parent. These include:

  • Providing a home
  • Providing education
  • Providing sufficient healthcare
  • Agreeing to child’s medical treatment
  • Looking after the child’s property
  • Disciplining the child

Mothers, by default, have parental responsibility unless the Court has removed it. Fathers, on the other hand, only have automatic parental responsibility if they are named on the birth certificate.

Will I have to go to court for child arrangements?

Not necessarily. The Court generally prefers separating parents to reach an agreement on child arrangements without a hearing. However, this will only be possible if both parties are open to communication and cooperation. Our child law solicitors will always encourage couples to pursue resolution through constructive mediation sessions or potentially even collaborative law.

These methods involve calm conversations refereed either by a trained mediator or a qualified family law solicitor, allowing both parties to achieve a satisfying conclusion without need for Court interference. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If the split was not amicable and communication has broken down irretrievably, parents will have to attend a hearing for a judge to decide the final outcome. When reaching a decision, the Court will consider the welfare of the child above all. Should you be in need of representation throughout this hearing, you can count on your dedicated solicitor from Graham Evans & Partners to prepare your case and protect your interests throughout.

What are residence and contact orders?

If you and your partner fail to reach an amicable agreement through negotiation regarding child arrangements, the decision will fall to the Court to issue an order. A Residence Order dictates where a child should live. In some circumstances, the court can make such an order in favour of more than one person, stipulating how long the child should spend with each. On the other hand, a Contact Order regulates telephone calls, visits, weekends or holidays with the absent parent.