Residence Order Solicitors

If your marriage or cohabitation has broken up, we will work with you at achieving the best arrangements for your children, including their financial support.
As far as possible, we enable you to reach agreement with the other parent. However, where agreement cannot be reached we will apply to the court to obtain a suitable order, for example:

• If you are having difficulty seeing your children, we can negotiate for you and, where necessary, apply to the court for a Contact Order.
• If you were not married to the other parent of a child, we can help you obtain a Parental Responsibility Order giving you an involvement in the child's  education, health and welfare.
• If you fear your children may be taken from you to live elsewhere in England or abroad, we can apply to the court for a Prohibited Steps Order.

Our childcare solicitors are recognised as specialists in their field, and are members of Resolution ( and The Law Society Children Panel.