Do I need a will?

Yes, almost certainly

Is it expensive?

No, probably less than a week's shopping for a straightforward Will.

Can I avoid Inheritance Tax?

Quite possibly. There are many ways to do this and we can advise you.

Can my Executor also be a beneficiary?

Yes. However, a beneficiary should not be a witness.

Why is an Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) important?

Because your affairs can continue to be dealt with if you fall ill or are otherwise incapable.

Aren't LPAs only for older people?

No, even younger people fall ill.

Do all Wills need a Grant of Probate?

Not necessarily but most do.

Can I obtain a Grant without a Solicitor?

Yes, but we can relieve you of all the administration and advise as to the technicalities involved.

Will you agree costs in advance?

Yes, provided we are given sufficient information. Our policy is to be open and transparent about costs.

Can my former spouse make a claim against my estate?

Yes, possibly. Take advice at an early stage.

I have re-married. Will my former Will still operate?

No, re-marriage invalidates a Will. You should make a new one.