Wills, Trusts and Probate Services

We recognise that many people find it difficult to make a Will. With a busy lifestyle it is easy to leave important decisions which should be made today until tomorrow. The Private Client Department provides a skilled, efficient and straightforward Will making service.

We usually have Wills ready for clients within a week of the initial meeting, although in an emergency this can be reduced to a few hours or less.

We will store your Will, deeds and other original documents in our Strongroom free of charge.

The Will

Wills should form the cornerstone of Inheritance Tax and wealth planning for all families and individuals.

Properly structured Wills and property ownership do result in very significant savings in Inheritance Tax (well over £100,000 for many people).

A well drafted Will also enables you to:

  • Choose how your property and possessions will be dealt with in the event of death 
  • Provide for children and appoint guardians 
  • Give particular gifts or sums of money to named people or organisations, including charities 
  • Maximise Business and Agricultural Reliefs for Inheritance Tax

Your Will appointment Checklist:

The following would assist us when discussing your Will with you:

  • A list of your assets and liabilities with approximate values for each 
  • The full names and addresses of anyone to be named in the Will 
  • Confirmation of your identity (e.g. passport and driving licence)

Estate Administration

Our experienced team are able to advise your Executors in relation to obtaining the Grant of Probate, act in the administration of the estate, administer any trusts created by the Will, advise on Inheritance Tax issues and attend to the distribution of the estate to your beneficiaries.

Deeds of Variation

Deeds of Variation of an estate can be completed for a period of up to 2 years after death. They can be a useful way of restructuring an estate for maximum tax efficiency and also to suit family circumstances.